All Done

The final product. The guitar looks great, sounds and plays even better. I thought I would sell it, so I left the stickers on, but I love it too much to sell, so it is now a daily player and the sticker are off.


Anonymous said...

Great job on the guitars! One question though... How do you go about adjusting the action and the truss rod on the newly built guitar?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Work... Thank you for sharing this inspiring resource!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi James - I'm posting this knowing that you can delete it as part of the moderation process.

I believe you've created a great blog which is why I took time to add a supportive comment to each post (hoping it will encourage others to do so as well).

I've chosen to use some of your photos (this is my way of asking permission to continue using your photos) on a blog that ultimately will drive traffic back to your blog site... Please let me know for certain that you approve of such use.

As you scroll down you will also see the following text: "Not sure if you can Do It Yourself – find out You Can at:!"

Again, I hope to offer fun photos for people to enjoy and to drive traffic to your site... Please share your thought here!

Thank you,
Nate Fegan

James M. Sims said...

Nate, thanks for all your kind comments. I really appreciate the feedback.